Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to questions we hear on a regular basis.

Is Ryeco ISO-9001?

Yes, we are ISO-9001:2015 certified. See the Home page if you need a copy of our certificate for your records.

What is double disc grinding?

Double disc grinding is grinding with two vertically opposed grinding wheels, generating precise tolerances. It is sometimes called opposed double disc surface grinding. The images below shows a partial cutaway of the inside of the three types of double disc grinders. Call us if you have more questions about the double disc grinding process.

Thrufeed Grinder

Rotary Grinder

Oscillating Grinder

What kind of grinders do we use?

We use Besly grinders updated with PLCs, servos, and other electronic enhancements.

What materials can we grind?

In the past, we have ground steel, aluminum, stainless steel, powdered stainless steel, bronze, brass, iron, and other various materials.

Can we grind different shapes?

YES! Round parts are great but we grind square, rectangular, triangular, and just about any other shape you can imagine. We have even ground a part shaped somewhat like Texas! (You might have to use your imagination but see picture below). Just a sample of the wide range of parts we can grind.

What kind of software do we use?

All of the software we use is written in-house (except accounting.) This allows us to extract the information we need from our processes and supply our customers with exact information. Having software written in-house enables us to make changes whenever we need to make it fit a customer's needs.

Can we only grind parts for you if you are located near us?

NO! While most of our customers are in the Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan, Indiana, Iowa, and Missouri areas, we do have a customers on the east coast!

How is double disc grinding spelled?

Although we spell it double disc grinding, some spell it double disk grinding. Either one works for us!